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Simone's Airbrush Tanning

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Press Release: Simone's Airbrush Tanning In Studio City, California Introduces New Hydrating Vegan Spray Tanning Solution

Posted on May 30, 2013 at 7:00 PM
Renowned spray tanning specialist Simone Emmons has just announced the inclusion of a new spray tanning solution to her collection of tanning solutions. This new solution offers skin nourishment in addition to providing an attractive, brown tone that can be used for all skin types ranging from very fair to dark skin types.
Studio City, CA
A unique spray-on tanning solution with added skin treatment, plus a beautiful, instant bronzer is now being offered to all the customers at Simone's Airbrush Tanning in Studio City, California. This acclaimed airbrush tanning salon is owned and managed by America’s leading airbrush tanning expert Simone Emmons. In her illustrious career as a spray tanning specialist and trainer, Simone has used different types of tanning solutions. However, the new vegan solution is unique because of its Grape Escape Therapy. Unlike most other available tanning solutions, this one hydrates the skin and provides skin nourishment in addition to providing an attractive, brown tone that can be used for all skin types.
This unique airbrush tanning solution is perfectly suited for tanning enthusiasts who love spray tan products that dry quickly without any stickiness even in mid-summer humidity. This excellent product also helps fight environmental damage, retains moisture in the skin, and reduces irritation. This top class Bronzing Mist also helps reduce the signs of aging by fighting free radical damage and helps to protect the skin exposed to natural elements. The solution contains red wine powder and grape seed oil. Both these materials are very light and good for all skin types including sensitive skin.
The most extraordinary thing about this vegan Bronzing Mist is that it is formulated with Muscadine Grapes, pulp, juice, skin and seed extract. Muscadine grapes are considered to be America’s first grape. They grow locally in the southern part of the USA. Resveratrol, an extremely potent antioxidant is found in high concentration in the Muscadine grape seeds, stems and skin. It is very easily absorbed by the skin to reduce inflammation and slows down the oxidation process that most often causes pre mature aging of the skin. This spray tanning solution is 100% free of Alcohol, Paraben, and Formaldehyde.
Talking about the latest inclusion to her salon, Simone said, “It is fragrance free and lasts a bit longer than many of the other spray tanning solutions on the market plus it conditions the skin amazingly unlike some other solutions. And to add to it, a customer is dry immediately once I finish with the 10 minute spray tanning session. There is no sticky feeling, in fact, clients feel that their skin feels hydrated and moisturized.”
Many of Simone’s clients have already thanked Simone for introducing this hydrating spray tanning solution. “I like the new solution. It looks very natural and dark”, says Ramona, a recent customer at Simone’s Airbrush Tanning.

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